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Not gonna lie.

I did honestly find this kinda funny. Granted, in the kind of way I find a bad fanfiction being read out loud in a dramatic/silly manner funny, which is still kinda funny imo. That's probably because I could make out 95% of what was being said however lol. Subtitles or something would have been cool here.

Number 19? My goodness...

I am very aware that you have made at least 19 of these. And I think most or all of the have survived. So I decided to find out why...

The most quizzical points of this flash is the possible, well, emptiness of it all. I mean, it's only a photo of a person jumping around to music and other nice photos...

Strangely enough though, it's kind of funny to watch. The choice of song is memorable, and the timing of the ending was, again, genius.

So despite its lack of something, it still manages to make good use of what is there. That is what I can appreciate about this series of flash. As well as making my think about burgers just that little bit more...

Bbqbeefburgerman responds:

They have all passed.

Just for the record.

It's a rebellion!

This is no ordinary stick movie with stick vs. stick, like I've seen so many times. That grabbed my attention quickly. What awaited in store was even more eye-popping.

Possible very picky critisms I could point out are how this was made so it didn't have much sound in it, just a few sound effects. I could also be very nasty and tell you to do something a bit more exciting than a stick figure/s.

However, these small weaknesses in the movie are greatly overwhelmed with slick animations. The movement of the stick figure and the clicker were top-notch. The use of the flash functions by both were also intelligent and humourous.

Overall, this flash is very well executed throughout. It managed to keep me very well entertained right the way through to the shock-horror ending. Which was both cruel and hilarious at the same time. Just like the rest of the movie!

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Big Beams and 25+ combos?!

Personally, I always liked the Powerpuff Girls cartoons. I find it good clean fun. So it's nice to see a flash based around them. The extra bonus is that it's oh so good...

The very small weaknesses this game has is the want for even more. You have 8 playable characters, I believe? Also, the move set was lacking a little bit of variety and unniqueness. Something I find in fighting games I find on consoles. And Shira Bell...Grr...

But this game has a load to offer for one-on-one fighting game fans. The sprite work is original and animations are smooth and lovely for a sprite fighter...if a bit small, but that only allows for the big beams and 25+ combos more room. Which is a very good thing.

The fighting system deserves a paragraph of its own. The simplicity of the controls does have the advantage of being easy to learn, without the fustration of having to input some fancy directional motion. Good players can use dashes, jumps and juggles to their advantage in a match, giving the game a wonderful depth.

In all everything about the game, even the dialouge and story, is polished and enjoyable. This is probably the best flash game I've ever played. I'm tempted to say I love you. :)

The pants are BIG

This game is, like, awesome! If a sequel is being/has been made, I want to play that too. And if whomever is reading this hasn't played it, play it now! (If you have a broadband connection)

I look back on what I used to post on the forums years ago and think "man that child was weird"

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